On the construction of the Niepodległości route in Białystok, client needed a temporary and effective solution for pumping sewage during the construction of new sewage pipeline. The task required UPRENT to apply solutions with different capacities and delivery lengths. The subject of the order was also redundant equipment, 24/7 supervision and refueling.


4 items – BBA BA 150E

1 item – Betsy 125H

5 items – BBA BA 100

2 items – Hidroststal e05Q

1 item – Breednord 100 kVa aggregate

1 item – External fuel tank 2500l

HDPE pipelines DN100

Steel piping DN200

The UPRENT solution:

For various sections, efficiency and pumping periods, UPRENT adapted the pumps, diameters and lengths of discharge pipelines. Each pump installation had a reserve in the event of a main generator failure. The professional UPRENT team provided supervision over 24/7 installations and pump refueling. In winter, the installations of the entire discharge pipeline with the pumps were protected against freezing.

Project in numbers:

1000 m of a pressure pipeline

12 impeller pumps

5 bypass lasting from 4 days to 6 months