The reconstruction of the Baltic States biggest city’s waste water treatment plant took place in the year 2011 when general contractor VELVE SIA won the tender of the municipal company Rīgas Ūdens SIA. During the reconstruction works it was necessary to stop all processes in the longest treatment plant sections periodically and sequentially, thus preventing the bypass of the sewerage of the whole city between the technological basins.


3 pcs. Hidrostal I16K
3 pcs. Hidrostal F10HD
1 pc. Hidrostal F12K-SS
1 pc. control panel with frequency converter (up to 0,5 mW) system
300 m D600 steel pipeline
100 m D300 steel pipeline


To create a mobile pumping station by combining submersible Hidrostal pumps with different capacities. UPRENT created a custom made technical design and project management design for this project and defined precise hydraulic parameters to be used for the equipment. The most challenging was the installation of the system because of the substantial weight, construction obstacles and the lack of access.


5 months of the provided service
7 employees involved
3 vehicles employed
9500 m³/h maximum capacity
100 000 EUR electricity expenses
800 000 residents’ sewage bypassed