The renovation of the sewage pumping station in the Wielkopolskie voivodship took place in 2017, when Uprent took over responsibility for the temporary pumping of sewage. The task was to bypass the existing pumping station for the time of its renovation, to build a replacement sewage pumping system and to connect to the existing installation. Waste water pumping took place over a distance of about 1 km.


1 piece BBA BA100K

1 item Hidrostal E05Q

1 piece. Control system

1 unit. Power backup system

Steel pipeline


For the needs of the project, Hidrostal submersible pumps and BBA rotary pumps were connected. The UPRENT company created a technical project and a project management project and defined the precise hydraulic parameters required to carry out the work. The task required special attention due to the significant distance of sewage pumping about 1km and the difference in height.


Over 2 months of the service provided

3 employees involved

1 vehicle

500 m3 / h of maximum efficiency

20,000 inhabitants served by the pumping station