Renovation of the sewage treatment plant in the Lubuskie Voivodship took place in 2017, when Uprent took over the responsibility for temporary wastewater pumping. During the modernization work it was necessary to stop all the pumps in the main pump station and the local pumping station, thereby ensuring the sewerage of the entire city and the region between the grid room and the sieve room without the pumping chamber.


3 pcs Hidrostal F10HD
2 pcs Hidrostal E05Q
1 pc Control panel with frequency converter (up to 0.5 MW)
Steel pipeline DN500
Steel pipe DN200 


To build a mobile pumping station, submersible Hidrostal pumps  of different capacities were combined. UPRENT has created a technical project and work management project and defined the precise hydraulic parameters required to complete the work. The most difficult task was to install the system because of significant weightof system, building obstructions and general lack of access to the bypass route.


30 days of service
4 employees
2 vehicles
3700 m3 / h maximum capacity
140,000 inhabitants served by the treatment plant