As part of the implementation of the investment project. Construction of facilities and installations for the neutralization of bad air at the “Sadyba” Channel Pump Station

UPRENT company in the period from 15/01 to 21/03/2018 implemented for HUSAR Sp z o.o. a service consisting in a comprehensive execution of a bypass with service for the repair of the chamber part of the wet pumping station.


4 pcs. Hidrostal F10HD

1 piece BGS PBO 100

1 pc. Control panel with frequency converter (up to 0.5 MW)

1 pcs. 240 kW generator

Steel pipeline DN500


As part of the project, four Hidrostal F10 pumps with a capacity of 970 m3 / h each were used for temporary pumping of sewage. The pumps were operated automatically by a PLC control container controlling the pump operation frequency, which allowed for maintenance free operation of the equipment during the project. Serial arrangement of the pumps allowed to increase the system’s capacity to a maximum of 4000 m3 / h.

The sewage was transported to the receiving chamber by means of a pipeline with a diameter of 500 mm and a length of 120 m delivered by UPRENT.

The UPRENT company, at the request of the contractor, also provided emergency supply source for the temporary sewage pumping station. As part of the task, a high-quality 240 kW power generator was delivered along with automation and an external fuel tank enabling automatic start-up of the generator in the event of a power failure.


60 days of service provided

6 employees involved

2 vehicles

4,000,000 m3 of pumping sewage