Bagari un bagarēšanas aprīkojums, dredges

Thanks to the innovative technology Dragflow dredges and dredging equipment have proven to be a reliable solution in dredging projects all over the world.

  • Easy and quick assambly: Our dredges are specifically designed and manufactured for easy assembly, both on the ground or in the water, also in difficult conditions.
  • Easy transportation: Hulls are built in disassembled modules for easy transportation.
  • Easy to handle: our dredges are designed to be handled by an operator with a minimum experience of naval equipment.
  • High working depth with small floating dimensions: Depth up to 100m.
  • Limited draught: dredges have a limited draught, also suitable to work in shallow water conditions.
  • Easy achievment of naval register certifications: our dredges are built according to the RINA regulations (Italian Naval Register), and their small structure has permitted rapid certifi cation from the naval registers of competence.
  • Flexibility: Dredges can be used on different applications and challenging projects.

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