Dragflow Portable Hydraulic Dredge.
Fully wireless remote controlled.

  • Design to fit in 40′ container – ready to use
  • Designed to be transported on a standard truck
  • Winches for moring an positioning
  • Safer because no humans are needed onto the barge
  • High solid content – up to 70% concentation by weight
  • Production up to 800 m3/h
  • Discharge distance up to 1,2Km
  • Working depth up to 20m (an more on demand)
  • Power from 24 to 160 HP
  • Hydraulic Power Pack with Hydraulic reel for oil hoses
  • Jet Ring system as an option to extract compated materials
  • Possibility to integrate a GPS to keep truck of working activities
  • Possibility of remote controlled dredge with hydraulic pumps
  • In combination with our 3G advanced contro panel dredge opration can be monitored by web from remote offices