Börger rotary lobe pumps

Thanks to their design rotary lobe pumps can pump thick liquids containing large amount of solids, and they can also be used in dosing applications. Thanks to inlet/outlet ports located at the same level pump can be easily integrated in to existing pipeline.

  • Capacity up to 1500 m3/h
  • Head up to 120 m
  • Solids handling up to 95 mm
  • Viscousity up to 100000 cp
  • Wide selection of models (including mobile and ATEX), sizes and materials
  • Avaiable 3 mechanical seals systems – for classical, aggressive and toxic liquids
  • Casing in block design
  • Pump shaft does not become in contact with the pumped liquid
  • Wide selection of rotors, which can be adapted to specific parameters (including versions with replaceable lobe tipes and special version for biogas industry)
  • Self-priming, no vaccuum system necessary
  • Pump can be used in both horizontal and vertical position
  • Easy pump maintenance, no line disassembling necessary
  • Replaceable wear plates in casing upper and bottom part (option), as well as in front and rear part (standard)
  • Quench chamber between pump casing and gear box
  • Adjustable flow 1:6
  • Can pump chemically aggressive and viscous liquids
  • Can be reversed
  • Capable of running without causing damage
  • Can be driven by electric, diesel, hydraulic, pneumatic egine and PTO
  • Compact size
  • Oil and gas industry: pumping of petroleum, fuels, petrochemical products, oil, crude oil, oil and water mixtures and ethanol
  • Waste disposal and recycling industry: pumping of suspensions, solvents, paints, plastic pieces, food waste, disposed oils, flammable chemicals
  • Chemical industry: pumping of latex, slime, pesticides, glue, resins, adhesives
  • Paper and pulp industry: pumping of glue, paper sludge, starch, paints, bulking agents, lime milk
  • Sugar industry: pumping of lime milk, thin juices, syrups, sugar solutions, molasses
  • Wastewater treatment industry: pumping of sludge, sewage pipelines flushing
  • Marine and offshore industry: pumping of ballast water, bilge water, sea water with crude oil or feaces, wastewater sludge
  • Food industry: pumping of vinasse and molasses, fruit masses, aninal blood, slaughterhouse waste, fish remains, glucose syrup
  • Flood protection and disaster relief industry: decontamination, mobile flood protection forces, disaster relief forces, coastal protection forces
  • Agriculture and biogas industry: biogas plants, mobile tank filling stations, silages and liqud manure pumping.
  • Other industries: construction (including borehole drilling), transportation, textile and other companies


  • Single-acting mechanical seals with quench chamber.
  • Suitable for pure, abrasive, viscous media that are not fast-setting or not dangerousi.


  • Single-acting mechanical seals, individually pressurized.
  • Particularly suited for fine crystalline, fast-setting or toxic media.
  • Barrier fluid prevents medium from leaking into the atmosphere.


  • Shaft seal with double-acting mechanical seals.
  • Highest degree of operational safety with problematic pumped media.
  • Barrier fluid for safe separation of pumped medium and atmosphere.

Electric engine

Hhydraulic engine

Pneumatic drive

Iinternal combustion engine