• Capacity up to 750 m3/h
  • Head up to 132 m
  • Power up to 565 kW
  • Firefighting stations are manufactured in accordance with unified EU standard EN 12845
  • Various enigine configurations
  • Pump automatic start
  • Automatic control for each pump
  • Automatic protection for each pump
  • Simple installation
  • Allows to minimize the damages caused by fire
  • Constant pressure is secured without involving duty pumps

Firefighting station is a primary equipment, which will protect the human lives and material assets in case of fire. Such stations are widely used in houses, office buildings and industrial estates. Each situation, in which firefighting station is used shall be regarded individually and individual sollution shall be used.

Firefighting pumps are switched on when pressure in firefighting system drops (fire, pressure fluctuations). In order to avoid the constant operation of the pumps, it is important to equip the station with a small centrifugal pump (jockey pump), which will maintain constant pressure in pipeline system. If station is equipped with several pumps, individual start-up pressure is installed for each pump.