The PT piston pump has been designed for vertical- and horizontal dewatering applications. BBA Pumps have created a state of the art production line making use of the latest technology and equipment, so you are guaranteed speed and constant production quality. Multiple test rigs at various stages of the production process confirm both performance and quality.

  • Capacity up to 190 m3/h
  • Head up to 20 m
  • Suction lift up to 9.6 m

These positive displacement pumps are fully self-priming and are capable of handling air, water or any mixture of both without requiring a separate priming system. Furthermore, these pumps are capable of running dry indefinitely without causing damage or excessive wear to any part of the unit.

  • Self-priming, no additional priming system required
  • Excellent suction capabilities on all flows
  • Pump efficiency exceeds 90% on all flows
  • Fuel autonomy in excess of 5 days
  • Can run dry indefinitely
  • Cheap and easy-to-replace wear parts
  • 100% mechanical technology
  • Extended unit life time
  • Well-point dewatering
  • Horizontal sock draining
  • Soil decontamination

Base frame

Silenced canopy

Open frame

Lubrication and drive
Precisely machined drive
gears and an automatic
lubrication system provide
excellent performance and
minimal sound emissions.

Practical valve system
The valve system is fitted with
an o-ring seal and a solid
bridge section for securing
purposes. This allows for quick
and easy disassembly, even
after prolonged use.

Easy access points
Allows access to the
cylinders, stuffing
boxes andother critical
areas for easy cleaning
and maintenance.

Hard-wearing piston rods
The stainless steel piston
rods have been carefully
machined to provide an
increased service life
and minimal maintenance.

Exchangeable liners
The stainless steel
cylinder liners can be rotated
for extended service
life. Fitted with a quick release
system, rotating and exchanging
the cylinders is simple even
when servicing the pump in
the field.

Standard stone catcher
All PT pumps feature a stone
catcher protecting the pump
internals from any suspended
solids. The stone catcher has
easy-access cleaning covers
and comes with dual vacuum
gauges to monitor pump

High quality and lockable
T-grip hinges offer perfect
grip and restrict unauthorised
access to the pump. The
grips are recessed in the
door to prevent damage
during transport and/or

Protection bars
Cleverly designed protection
bars welded on to the canopy
prevent damage do doors
and panels during transport
and/or operation, ensuring
a lasting factory- new look.


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