Bellin progressive cavity screw pumps are suitable for pumping abrasive liquids of any viscosity with high percentage of solids and fibres.

  • Viscosity up to 100000 cSt
  • Pressure up to 30 bar
  • Capacity up to 260 m3/h
  • Constant capacity, directly proportional to the rotation speed and quite independent of the pressure.
  • Smooth flow,  without pulsations or pressure peaks which could cause vibrations in the pipework.
  • Reversibility. By inverting the direction of rotation the flow of liquid is reversed. Full performance is available in either direction of flow. Reversible flow up to 3 bar as standard, up to 12 bar with hydraulic balance on request.
  • Self-priming. The high vacuum created by the pump permits rapid self-priming at the maximum height made possible by the physical characteristics of the pumped liquid (temperature, vapour pressure, viscosity, etc.). Large cross section between stator and casing, with smooth design, to improve the priming of the product.
  • Reliable operation even in presence of sharp solids in the medium.
  • Pump coupled to the monitor with high resistance pin in order to ensure the complete reversibility.
  • Easy and cheap maintanence. Few components subject to wear and with compact size.
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry: resins, reagents, acids, biodiesel.
  • Paint and coat industry: solvent, ink paste, pigment, paint.
  • Cosmetic industry: soap, cream, tooth-paste, shampoo, detergent.
  • Paper industry: cellulose, glue, pulps, patinas, starch.
  • Mining: mining waste water, sludge, lime milk.
  • Construction: mortar, coat, concrete.
  • Ceramic industry: porcelain mix, clay sludge, lime.
  • Marine: oil sludge, bilge water, sea water
  • Oil industry: oil, olive mass.
  • Winery: grapes, grape paste, wine.
  • Food industry and dairy: tomatoes, pulp fruit, vegetable, milk products.
  • Pastry and bakery: flour, dough, chocolate, creams.
  • Beverage: fruit juice pulp, liquors, beer, fruit paste.
  • Slaughterhause: minced meat, blood, bones and meat mix.
  • Sugar industry:  molasses, alcohol, ethanol.
  • Fish industry: waste, flour, minced fish, oils.
  • Agrculture: feed, corn, fodder.

The progressive cavity pump belongs to the group of rotary positive displacement pumps. These pumps are characterized by the presence of a “rotor” (rotating part) and a “stator” (fixed part). Inside the stator (comparable to a screw with two principles) the rotor moves (comparable to a screw with one principle), pushing the fluid through the mobile cavities that are created with the reciprocal movement. The product is then pumped without lamination, centrifugation or shock of any type. The number of stages of the rotor stator unit determines the pressure that can be obtained: the range includes pumps up to 8 stages with pressures up to 28 bar. The diameter of the rotor determines instead the capacity of the pump that can operate between 0.1 and 260 m3/h depending on the models.

Is the main structure of the pump between the support and the stator and is
available in the following materials:

EN GJL 250 Cast iron

AISI 304-316 Stainless steel

This component is available in the following materials:

  • AISI 420B- 304- 316 stainless steel
  • Duplex stainless steel

and with the following treatments:

  • Chrome plating
  • Hardening
  • Nitriding
  • Ceramic coating

Long pitch rotor

Standart rotor

This component is the fixed rubber part and is available in the following materials:

  • NBR, standart and food grade
  • EPDM, standart and food grade
  • Natural H-NBR
  • PTFE
  • Other (on request)

The transmission coupling is available in the following materials:

  • AISI 420B- 304- 316 stainless steel
  • Duplex- Super Duplex stainless steel
  • Hastelloy