UPRENT team of experts offers full project development, by selecting the most suitable solution for industrial reservoir cleaning. Cleaning is mostly needed in reservoirs that are contaminated with various sediments, which have developed over time and thus hinder full utilization of the reservoir.

Reservoir cleaning solutions, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Experience in transportation of thick and viscous liquids
  • Equipment selection of 400 pumps fleet
  • Wide range of accessories and reinforcements
  • Individual technological solutions for every project
  • Optional purification or separation of the bypassed liquid

Before the initiation of the project, our engineer make all necessary calculations to make the best precise technical solution with the shortest period of time and with minimal resources. All equipment that is used by UPRENT for the provision of the service is tested, according to the rules and regulations of work safety and environmental management, before the system delivery to the work site.

Most common reservoir cleaning examples:

  • Sewage sediment bypass, reservoir and basing cleaning from sediments
  • Bio-gas tank cleaning from sand and sludge mixture
  • Cleaning of reservoirs of petroleum and tanks of tankers
  • Collection of the liquid residuals from industrial manufacturing
  • Basin cleaning of rivers and ponds
  • Extraction of lime, clay and other sediments, which are obtained during the production process from quarries
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