UPRENT offers power generator rental, sales and full service power project implementation, in addition providing generator and equipment delivery, installation and maintenance. Range includes generators in sound attenuated canopies, thus allowing generators to be used in urban areas and public events. Generators also are equipped with various types of connections allowing to use them as backup power supply.

Temporary power solutions, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Consultations on right equipment selection
  • Fleet with generators with power from 0,5 kW up to 1 MW
  • On-site load measurements
  • Installation, disassembly and transportation solutions
  • From long term “stand by” solutions till short term emergency power solutions

All of these solutions are designed for prompt and effective dealing with problem situations, thanks to the telemetry solutions that allow to monitor equipment operation remotely 24/7. UPRENT provides services to customers in various sectors both in construction, industry, mining, agriculture, port and transit areas. We offer our services also to households, trade venues and event organizers and for other purposes.

Range and examples of UPRENT solutions:

  • Synchronization of generators (hybrid and parallel connection)
  • ATS solutions (generators turn on at power loss and turn off when power is renewed)
  • Power management systems (control of generator load regarding client’s needs)
  • Hybrid systems (combination of powerful industrial batteries and power generators)
  • Fuel tanks for continuous performance even for several weeks
  • Solar battery parallel connection with generators and battery
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